Giving voice to black power.

Power as a transforming weapon.

Power to have more black power in power.

meet the jury

Jury - Adriano Sato

Adriano Sato

Copywriter AlmapBBDO

Jury - Alan de Sá

Alan de Sá

Copywriter FCB

Jury - Andressa Cruz

Andressa Cruz

Copywriter GUT

Jury - Bruna Porto Santos

Bruna Porto Santos

Copywriter QuintoAndar

Jury - Diego Guerhardt

Diego Guerhardt

Art Director CP+B

Jury - Douglas Reis

Douglas Reis

Art Director Publicis

Jury - Eduardo Araujo

Eduardo Araujo

Designer SumUp

Jury - Elisângela Franceschi Benedito

Elisângela Franceschi

Art Director CP+B

Jury - Gabriel Sukita

Gabriel Sukita

Audience Director Intercept Brasil

Jury - Gabriela Barreira

Gabriela Barreira

Art Director Mutato

Jury - Jayana Souza

Jayana Souza

Art Director W+K

Jury - Jessica Almeida

Jessica Almeida

Creative W3Haus

Jury - Jessyca Silva

Jessyca Silva

Copywriter Circus

Jury - João Souza

João Souza

Art Director AlmapBBDO

Jury - Leonardo Ribeiro

Leonardo Ribeiro

Strategy Director Publicis

Jury - Luiz Henrique Costa

Luiz Henrique Costa

Art Director Rede Globo

Jury - Marco Antonio do Nascimento (

Marco Antonio ("Eddie")

Art Director Freelancer

Jury - Mariane Almeida

Mariane Almeida

Art Director AlmapBBDO

Jury - Mateus Souza

Mateus Souza

Copywriter MeZa1618

Jury - Maurilio Filho

Maurilio Filho

Strategy Manager WMcCann

Jury - Nubiha Modesto

Nubiha Modesto

Marketing Manager Twitter

Jury - Paulo Damasceno

Paulo Damasceno

Art Director GUT

Jury - Pedro Assis

Pedro Assis

Art Director Y&R

Jury - Renata Hilario

Renata Hilario

Marketing Manager Facebook

Jury - Roy Milton

Roy Milton

Associate Creative Director VMLY&R

Jury - Sherman Winfield

Sherman Winfield

Executive Creative Director VMLY&R

Jury - Vagner Soares

Vagner Soares

Art Director Publicis

Jury - Will Santos

Will Santos

Art Director BETC

Jury - Ygor Silva

Ygor Silva

Copywriter Ogilvy

selected ideas

The Look

Agency: Saturday Morning (United States)

Brand: Procter & Gamble

The Talk

Agency: BBDO (United States)

Brand: Procter & Gamble

Nike Dream Crazy

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy (United States)

Brand: Nike

Hair Love

Agency: Sony Pictures Animation (United States)

Brand: Dove


Agency: AKQA (Brazil)

Brand: Emicida and Deezer

Better – Mamba Forever

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy (United States)

Brand: Nike


Agency: AKQA (Brazil)

Brand: Baco Exu do Blues


Agency: Wieden+Kennedy (United States)

Brand: Nike

Delete Uber

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy (United States)

Brand: Uber

Black Lives Matter

Agency: Twitter In-House (United States)

Brand: Twitter

Most Searched Black History Makers

Agency: Google (United States)

Brand: Google

Afropunk Bahia 2020

Agency: Publicis (Brazil)

Brand: Bradesco

Search For Equality

Agency: We (Brazil)

Brand: Desabafo Social


Agency: Wieden+Kennedy (United States)

Brand: Nike

Mirrors of Racism

Agency: W3haus (Brazil)

Brand: Criola

Racism Is Everywhere

Agency: NBA (United States)

Brand: NBA

Don’t Look Away

Agency: AKQA (Brazil)

Brand: Usher

Dia dos Pais

Agency: AlmapBBDO (Brazil)

Brand: O Boticário

Um Afrofuturo

Agency: Wunderman Thompson (Brazil)

Brand: Avon


Agency: Sapient AG2 (Brazil)

Brand: Oreo

Enough is Enough

Agency: Fitzco (United States)

Brand: Southern Company

Create Your Future

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy (United States)

Brand: Sprite

We are all monkeys

Agency: Loducca (Brazil)

Brand: Neymar Jr

Black Santa

Agency: WMcCann (Brazil)

Brand: Coca-Cola


Agency: Ogilvy (Brazil)

Brand: Unicef


Agency: Publicis (France)

Brand: LICRA

The 1619 Project

Agency: Droga5 (United States)

Brand: The New York Times


Agency: F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi (Brazil)

Brand: Skol

Equitable Skin Care

Agency: (United States)

Brand: Vaseline

Um brinde aos pais

Agency: Africa (Brazil)

Brand: Brahma


Agency: Africa (Brazil)

Brand: Vivo

912 White Emergency hotline

Agency: (United States)

Brand: Color of Change

Hope is Tougher

Agency: Energy BBDO (United States)

Brand: Off The Street Club

Pode vir

Agency: Y&R (Brazil)

Brand: TNT Energy Drink

For once, Don’t Do It

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy (United States)

Brand: Nike

Still I Rise by Maya Angelou

Agency: BBC (United States)

Brand: BBC


Agency: (Brazil)

Brand: Bradesco


Agency: (Portugal)

Brand: Portuguese Commission


Agency: AlmapBBDO (Brazil)

Brand: WhatsApp

selected projects

In 2020, the uneven balance in the advertising market in relation to the presence and also the levels of positions held by black people still exists.

A great indicator is the scarcity of black people in the list of the chosen projects. Whether in planning, in creation or in audiovisual suppliers.

There is an urgent need to rethink the access and permanence of black professionals in our industry. Reduce structural racism, work in companies that reflect Brazilian society, or increase profitability by developing more diverse teams. Choose your reason and join the fight with us.Em 2020 a balança desigual no mercado publicitário em relação à presença e também aos níveis de cargos ocupados por pessoas pretas ainda existe.