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Burger King

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Creative Team

Pancho Cassis Chief Creative Officer
Rafael Donato Creative VP
Edgard Gianesi Creative Director
Fabricio Pretto Associate Creative Director
Rogério Chaves Associate Creative Director
Curtis Caja Associate Creative Director
Thiago Ferreira Art Director
Lucas Vigliar Copywriter
Jared Schermer Copywriter

Awards (02)

1 award
1 award
The Brazilian Creative Club 2020 Public Relations / Bronze CNNS 2021 Outdoor / Shortlist


Fro Rojas

Production Companies

Kreative Kontent

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The Whopper Detour

Agency: FCB (United States)

Brand: Burger King

BK Bot

Agency: David (United States)

Brand: Burger King

The Deals

Agency: Buzzman (France)

Brand: Burger King

Whopper Neutrality

Agency: David (United States)

Brand: Burger King

Craft a Western Whopper

Agency: INGO (Sweden)

Brand: Burger King

Burn that ad

Agency: David (Brazil)

Brand: Burger King

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Christmas in July

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