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Creative Team

Name Role
Alex Schill Chief Creative Officer
Matthias Harbeck Chief Creative Officer
Franz Röppischer Executive Creative Director
Lorenz Langgartner Executive Creative Director
Jason Romeyko Executive Creative Director
Hagen Fiedler Executive Creative Director
Saffaan Qadir Creative Director
Camille Nizet Creative
Tanvi Phalak Creative
Sanjeeta Saha Creative
Zoe Bellis Schill Creative
Rohil Borole Art Director
Kai West Schlosser Art Director
Jihyun Seo Art Director
Henning Janzen Art Director
Jiho Ahn Art Director
Shruthi Subramanian Copywriter
Björn Neugebauer Copywriter
Yunjung Chae Copywriter
Arlinda Shabani Designer
Andrea Da Silva Designer


Yohan Jang

Production Companies

Dot Incorporation
Paulus Co. Ltd
ASTRAL Kreativ


CNNS 2022 Innovation / Shortlist CNNS 2022 Digital Craft / Bronze CNNS 2022 Titanium / Titanium
Award Award Year Category Level
2022 Innovation Shortlist
2022 Digital Craft Bronze
2022 Titanium Titanium
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Dot Pad. The First Smart Tactile Graphics Display

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