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GT6: First Love

Creative Team

John Patroulis Chief Creative Officer
Ari Weiss Executive Creative Director
Evan Benedetto Creative
Jan Jaworski Creative
Victor Roa Creative
Angela Sun Planner

Awards (02)

2 awards
CNNS 2014 Cyber / Bronze CNNS 2014 Cyber / Shortlist


Ben Tricklebank

Production Companies

Tool of North America

More campaigns from Sony


Sound Bar

Agency: Midnight Sherpa ()

Brand: Sony

Make It Metal

Agency: Ogilvy (Japan)

Brand: Sony

No Metro

Agency: Shackleton Spain (Spain)

Brand: Sony

Search for Greatness

Agency: BBH (United States)

Brand: Sony

Motion Sonic Project

Agency: Dentsu (Japan)

Brand: Sony

Bob Dylan: Studio A Revisited

Agency: Havas (United States)

Brand: Sony

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GT6: First Love

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