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Creative Team

Nizan Guanaes Creative Director
Aricio Fortes Creative Director
Paulo Coelho Creative Director
Carlos Schleder Creative Director
Adriano Alarcon Creative Director
João Mosterio Creative Director
Felipe Choi Creative
Felipe Gregório Art Director
Matheus Rosa Creative
Luiz Ramón Creative

Awards (07)

7 awards
CNNS 2017 Direct / Gold CNNS 2017 Direct / Silver CNNS 2017 Direct / Bronze CNNS 2017 Integrated / Bronze CNNS 2017 Brand Experience and Activation / Bronze CNNS 2017 Brand Experience and Activation / Shortlist CNNS 2017 Media / Shortlist

Production Companies

Academia de Filmes

Music/Sound Companies


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Famous Visitors

Agency: Publicis (United States)

Bedtime Stories

Agency: FCB (United States)

Jobs on the Shelves

Agency: DM9DDB (Brazil)

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Price on the Jersey

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