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Creative Team

Vicki Maguire Chief Creative Officer
Henrik Ridderheim Creative Director
Jonathan Marlow Creative Director
Tom Worthington Creative
Greg Ormrod Creative
Emily Churches Creative
Stevie Rowing-Park Creative
Serena Hodgson Creative
Perry Nightingale Creative Technologist
John-Patrick Racle Design Director
Matteo Alabiso Designer
Tyrone Zall Designer
Matt Springate Planner
Bhavin Pahari Planner

Awards (07)

7 awards
CNNS 2017 Brand Experience and Activation / Silver CNNS 2017 Brand Experience and Activation / Bronze CNNS 2017 Direct / Bronze CNNS 2017 Media / Bronze CNNS 2017 Brand Experience and Activation / Shortlist CNNS 2017 Direct / Shortlist CNNS 2017 Mobile / Shortlist

Production Companies

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