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Creative Team

Debbi Vandeven Chief Creative Officer
Jason Xenopoulos Chief Creative Officer
Ryan McManus Chief Creative Officer
Sue Mersch Executive Creative Director
Matt Swanson Group Creative Director
Carlos Pabon Group Creative Director
Tal Shub Group Creative Director
Dan Webber Creative Director
Todd Ruthevan Creative Director
Dan Pritikin Creative Director

Awards (03)

3 awards
New York Festivals 2023 Autoshow / Gold New York Festivals 2023 Film Craft / Bronze New York Festivals 2023 Film / Bronze


Anna Sandilands
Ewan McNicol

Production Companies

Chelsea Pictures

Music/Sound Companies

South Music

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Accessibility Mat

Agency: GTB (Brazil)

Brand: Ford


Agency: GTB (Brazil)

Brand: Ford


Agency: GTB (Brazil)

Brand: Ford

For Detroit

Agency: Civic Entertainment Group (United States)

Brand: Ford

Feel the View

Agency: GTB (Italy)

Brand: Ford

Lane Keeping Bed

Agency: GTB (United Kingdom)

Brand: Ford

John Bronco

Agency: Imagine Documentaries (United States)

Brand: Ford

Transmissão Antiderrapagem

Agency: GTB (Brazil)

Brand: Ford

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