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Creative Team

Name Role
Bjarne Darwall Creative
Maja Bredberg Creative
Amy Gardner Creative
Karl Risenfors Art Director
Leo Dahl Art Director
Adam Ulvegärde Art Director
Sophia Lindholm Art Director
Hampus Elfström Copywriter
Jacob Nelson Copywriter
Martin Joelsson Designer
Ingrid Arnsand Jonsson Designer
Trine Keller-Andreasen Planner
Peter Gaudiano Planner


Laerke Herthoni

Production Companies

New Land


CNNS 2019: Gender Impact / ShortlistCNNS 2019: Creative Strategy / Grand PrixCNNS 2019: Creative Strategy / SilverCNNS 2019: Brand Experience and Activation / GoldCNNS 2019: Creative Use of Data / GoldCNNS 2019: Creative Use of Data / ShortlistCNNS 2019: Direct Marketing / ShortlistClio Awards 2019: Digital/Mobile / BronzeClio Awards 2019: Innovation / BronzeLondon International Awards 2019: The NEW / Grand PrixLondon International Awards 2019: The NEW / GoldLondon International Awards 2019: The NEW / SilverLondon International Awards 2019: Digital / SilverLondon International Awards 2019: Integrated / GoldANDY Awards 2020: Bravery / GoldANDY Awards 2020: Idea / GoldANDY Awards 2020: RESET / GoldADC 2020: Integrated / SilverADC 2020: Interactive and Online / BronzeThe One Show 2020: Interactive and Online / GoldThe One Show 2020: Public Relations / SilverThe One Show 2020: Integrated / BronzeThe One Show 2020: Public Relations / BronzeThe One Show 2020: Creative Use of Data / ShortlistD&AD 2020: Integrated / SilverD&AD 2020: Digital / BronzeD&AD 2020: Digital / ShortlistD&AD 2020: Integrated / ShortlistD&AD 2020: Direct / BronzeD&AD 2020: Public Relations / BronzeClio Awards 2020: Creative Effectiveness / SilverClio Awards 2020: Public Relations / SilverCNNS 2021: Public Relations / ShortlistCNNS 2021: Public Relations / Silver
Award Award Year Category Level
2019 Gender Impact Shortlist
2019 Creative Strategy Grand Prix
2019 Creative Strategy Silver
2019 Brand Experience and Activation Gold
2019 Creative Use of Data Gold
2019 Creative Use of Data Shortlist
2019 Direct Marketing Shortlist
2019 Digital/Mobile Bronze
2019 Innovation Bronze
2019 The NEW Grand Prix
2019 The NEW Gold
2019 The NEW Silver
2019 Digital Silver
2019 Integrated Gold
2020 Bravery Gold
2020 Idea Gold
2020 RESET Gold
2020 Integrated Silver
2020 Interactive and Online Bronze
2020 Interactive and Online Gold
2020 Public Relations Silver
2020 Integrated Bronze
2020 Public Relations Bronze
2020 Creative Use of Data Shortlist
2020 Integrated Silver
2020 Digital Bronze
2020 Digital Shortlist
2020 Integrated Shortlist
2020 Direct Bronze
2020 Public Relations Bronze
2020 Creative Effectiveness Silver
2020 Public Relations Silver
2021 Public Relations Shortlist
2021 Public Relations Silver
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