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Creative Team

Al Moseley Chief Creative Officer
Martin Terhart Creative Director
Graeme Hall Creative Director
Ed Ryder Art Director
Stephane Lecoq Art Director
Tom Juneau Art Director
Charlotte Bakken Art Director
Martin Beswick Copywriter
Enrique Reija Copywriter
Tom Juneau Copywriter
Jonas Vail Planner

Awards (01)

1 award
CNNS 2014 Film / Bronze


Luc Schurgers

Production Companies

Radical Media

Music/Sound Companies

Wave Productions

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Sound Bar

Agency: Midnight Sherpa ()

Brand: Sony

Make It Metal

Agency: Ogilvy (Japan)

Brand: Sony

No Metro

Agency: Shackleton Spain (Spain)

Brand: Sony

Search for Greatness

Agency: BBH (United States)

Brand: Sony

Motion Sonic Project

Agency: Dentsu (Japan)

Brand: Sony

Bob Dylan: Studio A Revisited

Agency: Havas (United States)

Brand: Sony

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