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Creative Team

Rafael Rizuto Chief Creative Officer
Kasia Canning Executive Creative Director
Estefanio Holtz Executive Creative Director
Otto Pajunk Creative Director
Guiga De Oliveira Cunha Creative Director
Tim Min Art Director
Madeline Honig Art Director
Sabrina Rivera Copywriter
Lee Lawrence Copywriter
Richard Supriano Designer
Hernan Ibanez Designer
Joe Burns Planning Director
Timanni Walker Planning Director
Victoria Neal Planner

Awards (07)

3 awards
1 award
3 awards
Clio Awards 2023 Out of Home / Silver Clio Awards 2023 Print and Out of Home Craft / Silver Clio Awards 2023 Design / Bronze ANDY Awards 2023 Craft / Gold The One Show 2023 Direct Marketing / Silver The One Show 2023 Direct Marketing / Bronze The One Show 2023 Creative Use of Data / Merit


Stacy Colson

Production Companies

Atomic Props & Effects

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