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Creative Team

Joanna Monteiro Chief Creative Officer
Fabio Simões Executive Creative Director
Marco Monteiro Creative Director
André Pallú Creative Director
Antonia Zobaran Art Director
André Vervloet Art Director
Bruno Castellotti Art Director
Leonardo Marçal Copywriter
Pevê Azevedo Art Assistant
Rafael Reis Art Assistant
Marcelo Arteiro Creative Technologist
Bianca Reame Planning Director

Awards (05)

1 award
1 award
2 awards
1 award
CNNS 2019 Digital Craft / Bronze Wave Festival 2019 Digital Craft / Silver The Brazilian Creative Club 2019 Digital / Bronze The Brazilian Creative Club 2019 Design / Shortlist D&AD 2019 Digital Marketing / Shortlist

Production Companies


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Transparency Card

Agency: AKQA (Brazil)

Brand: Congresso em Foco

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