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Burger King
De La Cruz Ogilvy

Trick Or Grill

Creative Team

Rafael Reina Chief Creative Officer
Jessica Apellaniz Chief Creative Officer
Santiago Moreno Creative Director
Adriana Álvarez Head of Art
Camila Martinez Art Director
Sarai Ayala Copywriter

Awards (02)

2 awards
El Ojo de Iberoamérica 2022 Brand Experience and Activation / Bronze El Ojo de Iberoamérica 2022 Local / Merit


Andrés Moreno

Production Companies

Latina Studio

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The Whopper Detour

Agency: FCB (United States)

Brand: Burger King

BK Bot

Agency: David (United States)

Brand: Burger King

The Deals

Agency: Buzzman (France)

Brand: Burger King

Whopper Neutrality

Agency: David (United States)

Brand: Burger King

Craft a Western Whopper

Agency: INGO (Sweden)

Brand: Burger King

Burn that ad

Agency: David (Brazil)

Brand: Burger King

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