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Words Can Be Weapons

Creative Team

Graham Fink Chief Creative Officer
Tham Khai Meng Chief Creative Officer
Doug Schiff Executive Creative Director
Juggi Ramakrishnam Executive Creative Director
Wilson Chow Creative Director
Qi Xingsheng Creative Director
Wang Fei Creative Director
Yong Xie Art Director
Soonguan Poh Art Director
Jason Wee Art Director
Li Kaixin Art Director
Xiao Xiaodong Art Director
Fu Lei Art Director
Xie Yong Art Director
Guilin Bo Copywriter
Li Chuyu Copywriter
Jason Wang Designer

Awards (05)

5 awards
CNNS 2014 Design / Silver CNNS 2014 Design / Shortlist CNNS 2014 Cyber / Shortlist CNNS 2014 Direct / Shortlist CNNS 2014 Promo and Activation / Shortlist


Zhong Shi

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Words Can Be Weapons

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