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Agency: Mother Design (United States)

Brand: Tripadvisor

Sky Documentaries

Agency: Sky Creative (United Kingdom)

Brand: Sky

Pour Perfectly

Agency: Rethink (Canada)

Brand: Kraft Heinz

Logos, Your Way

Agency: Jones Knowles Ritchie (United States)

Brand: Burger King

Listening is Everything

Agency: Spotify (United States)

Brand: Spotify

ila Bank Logo

Agency: Superunion (United Kingdom)

Brand: Bank ABC

House of Wang

Agency: Oddity Studio (Hong Kong)

Brand: House of Wang

Hackney Church Re-brand

Agency: OMSE (United Kingdom)

Brand: Hackney Church


Agency: DutchScot (United Kingdom)

Brand: Feed

Don’t Get Sidetracked. Get Setapp.

Agency: Droga5 (United Kingdom)

Brand: Setapp

Clear Mobile

Agency: Superunion (United Kingdom)

Brand: Clear Mobile

#StayAtHome Idents

Agency: 4creative (United Kingdom)

Brand: Channel 4

OneFootball Logo

Agency: DesignStudio (United Kingdom)

Brand: OneFootball

One Hulu

Agency: Hulu (United States)

Brand: Hulu

BBC Select

Agency: BBC Creative (United Kingdom)

Brand: BBC

Doritos Wasabi

Agency: AlmapBBDO (Brazil)

Brand: Doritos

47 Internship

Agency: Dentsu (Japan)

Brand: En-courage


Agency: Concrete (Canada)

Brand: Halsey

Shark Bait

Agency: Special Group (New Zealand)

Brand: Uber Eats

Mustard Ice Cream

Agency: Fitzco (United States)

Brand: French's


Agency: Ogilvy (United Kingdom)

Brand: Boots

Complaints Welcome

Agency: 4creative (United Kingdom)

Brand: Channel 4