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Vintage Drip

Agency: Rethink (Canada)

Brand: Kraft Heinz

The Tattoo Duo Over

Agency: BETC (France)

Brand: Duolingo

The Hornicultural Society

Agency: Ogilvy (United Kingdom)

Brand: Relate

Rescue Doodles

Agency: BBDO (United States)

Brand: Pedigree

The Child Replacement Programme

Agency: BBDO (New Zealand)

Brand: Mars Inc.

Unbranded Menu

Agency: Leo Burnett (Philippines)

Brand: McDonald's

One-Star Cookbook

Agency: ‿ and us (United Arab Emirates)

Brand: Deliveroo and Lush

A Little Company

Agency: Apple (United States)

Brand: Apple

A Cautionary Tale

Agency: Squarespace (United States)

Brand: Squarespace

Call Me, with Timothée Chalamet

Agency: (United States)

Brand: Apple


Agency: Leo Burnett (United States)

Brand: Samsung

Escape from the Office

Agency: Work Editorial (United States)

Brand: Apple

What’s Your Name?

Agency: Iris (United Kingdom)

Brand: Starbucks