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Andre Petrini
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Agency: Droga5 (United States)

Brand: Amazon

Get Ready

Agency: Dollar Shave Club (United States)

Brand: Dollar Shave Club

New Normal

Agency: MJZ (United States)

Brand: MedMen

Launch It

Agency: Squarespace (United States)

Brand: Squarespace

Make It Real

Agency: Squarespace (United States)

Brand: Squarespace


Agency: Arnold Worldwide (United States)

Brand: Jeep

All that we share – TVC

Agency: &Co. (Denmark)

Brand: TVC


Agency: Grey (United Kingdom)

Brand: HSBC

Vicious Circle

Agency: Wunderman Thompson (United Kingdom)

Brand: HSBC

You love me

Agency: Translation LLC (United States)

Brand: Beats By Dre

Summer Hater

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi (Argentina)

Brand: BGH


Agency: BBDO (Germany)

Brand: True Fruits


Agency: Wieden+Kennedy (United States)

Brand: Delta Air Lines