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The Hornicultural Society

Agency: Ogilvy (United Kingdom)

Brand: Relate

Hack Market

Agency: Marcel (France)

Brand: Back Market

The Lost Class

Agency: Leo Burnett (United States)

Brand: Change the Ref

Unbranded Menu

Agency: Leo Burnett (Philippines)

Brand: McDonald's

One-Star Cookbook

Agency: ‿ and us (United Arab Emirates)

Brand: Deliveroo and Lush


Agency: Mojo Supermarket (United States)

Brand: Girls Who Code

Better With Pepsi

Agency: Alma DDB (United States)

Brand: Pepsi

Boards of Change

Agency: FCB Chicago (United States)

Brand: City of Chicago

Heinz Ketchup Fraud

Agency: Rethink (Canada)

Brand: Kraft Heinz

Adopt a Stray

Agency: FCB (United States)

Brand: Fresh Step

The Art of Self Examination

Agency: David (Argentina)

Brand: MACMA

Los Santos +3ºC

Agency: VMLY&R (Brazil)

Brand: Greenpeace

Game Of Thrones – For The Throne

Agency: Droga5 (United States)

Brand: HBO

Get The Flow

Agency: DDB and Tribal Worldwide (Netherlands)

Brand: Vodafone

The Cookie Factory

Agency: DDB (France)


Super Wendy’s World

Agency: VMLY&R (United States)

Brand: Wendy's