The International ANDY Awards, the first advertising award show of the season has announced the shortlist for their six regional competitions. In an effort to break barriers that exist around cultural context, Juries representative of the creative excellence in the area came together to select the best ideas entered into the competition.

“Our hope is that more people have their work represented in the Show. We wanted to eliminate barriers that exist that may deter some agencies to submit work – whether that be cost to compete or missed cultural context,” said Gina Grillo, President & CEO of The International ANDY Awards.

The LatAm Competition Chaired by Hugo Veiga, Global Chief Creative Officer, AKQA resulted in 34 ideas shortlisted across 6 countries. Check the full regional shortlists here:

Each region will now compete for the title of ‘Best of’ including Africa, APAC, Greater China, Europe, SWANA, and Latin America to be announced with the full winners list in April 2023.

Those who placed will be shortlisted for the main, global competition should they choose to move their work forward into the Global competition. All entrants who participated in regionals can choose to move their work forward to the Global competition. There is no requirement to participate in regionals in order to submit to the Global competition.

The ANDY Awards is an incredible festival showcasing the best in advertising. And the partnership with Unblock Coffee provides a unique opportunity for everyone to get inspired by the creativity and innovation of the advertising industry. With the winners being announced here, you won’t miss a beat. So be sure to check back regularly for updates, and get ready to be inspired by the incredible work of the ANDY Awards winners!