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The 2023 Rank1ng is a comprehensive ranking system that evaluates the best advertising campaigns from around the world. In order to compile the Rank1ng, our team tracks various advertising competitions that are held globally to award the creativity and innovative nature of advertising campaigns and the brands and agencies behind them.

To determine the Rank1ng, each advertising campaign is awarded points based on its performance in the various award shows. These points are calculated based on the prizes won by the campaign in each contest, with the shows that hold greater weight and significance being worth more points.

This year’s Rank1ng includes a selective list of award shows that are considered to be the most important and influential in the advertising industry. These shows have been ranked in order of overall show weighting, with the most important shows listed first. This system allows us to accurately and fairly determine the best advertising campaigns of the year, and to acknowledge the brands, agencies and production companies that are making a significant impact in the industry.

Award shows

  • Cannes Lions
  • D&AD
  • The One Show
  • Clio Awards
  • LIA
  • ADC
  • El Ojo de Iberoamérica
  • Gerety Awards
  • ANDY Awards
  • New York Festivals

Award levels

Most awards programs being evaluated adopt a system where there is a single winner designated as the Best in Show, and a small number of Grand Prix, along with a wider range of Gold, Silver, and Bronze winners within each category. This recognition has a direct impact on the companies or clients associated with the winning work, as the win is translated into points to our system. In cases where the awards program does not follow the traditional Gold, Silver, Bronze structure, we have modified the point system to align with their specific format. The rankings for the year 2023 were determined based on the point values assigned, as outlined below.

Best of Show15
Grand Prix13

Final score

The determination of the score for a winning campaign in a competition category is based on a simple mathematical formula, which involves multiplying the campaign’s awarded points by the weighting factor assigned for that specific category in that competition. This calculation method ensures that the score reflects not only the achievement of the campaign, but also the relative importance of the category in the context of the competition.

For instance, consider a scenario where a campaign is awarded a Grand Prix in a category with a weighting factor of 3. In this case, the campaign would receive a final score of 39, calculated as 13 points multiplied by the weighting of 3. The calculation of the final score using this method is straightforward and objective, providing a reliable and consistent means of ranking campaigns.

In many cases, campaigns participate in multiple competitions and may receive awards in various categories. The final score for a campaign in the Rank1ng is obtained by summing up the scores it has earned in each competition. This cumulative score provides a comprehensive representation of a campaign’s overall performance and recognition in the industry.

To ensure that campaigns are accurately and fairly compared, it is important to adhere to a consistent methodology for calculating scores. This includes considering the weighting factors assigned for each category, as well as aggregating the scores from multiple competitions in a consistent manner. By following these principles, the Rank1ng can provide a reliable and accurate ranking of campaigns, reflecting their achievements and industry recognition.

It’s common for campaigns to receive awards in multiple competitions. The final score for a campaign in the Rank1ng is obtained by summing up all the scores it has earned in different competitions. 

Public Data

The information utilized in the awards, including lists of winners and credits, is derived exclusively from publicly available sources. This includes data that can be accessed freely through various channels, such as publicly accessible web pages, media releases, and other information intended for the media. The use of publicly available data ensures that the awards are transparent and unbiased, and the information used to determine the winners is accurate and up-to-date. By relying solely on publicly accessible sources, the awards demonstrate a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and impartiality.

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