Coronavirus ads

This selection is a showcase of ads curated by our team from brands around the world addressing the COVID-19 global pandemic and the #StayHome movement.

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Thank You Healthcare Workers

Agency: Google (United States)

Brand: Google

One Team

Agency: David (United States)

Brand: Budweiser

With Love, Jack

Agency: Energy BBDO (United States)

Brand: Jack Daniel's

Never Lost

Agency: Droga5 (United States)

Brand: Facebook

Thank You, all

Agency: Mono (United States)

Brand: Sam's Club

Essential Heroes

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy (United States)

Brand: State of Oregon

Small Business Relief Initiative

Agency: Intuit (United States)

Brand: Intuit

Stay Home

Agency: McCANN (Spain)

Brand: Ikea

Ode To Empty Roads

Agency: TBWA\RAAD (United Arab Emirates)

Brand: Nissan

Can’t Skip Hope

Agency: Partners (Portugal)

Brand: Visit Portugal

Pay It Forward

Agency: Verizon (United States)

Brand: Verizon


Agency: Utopia (Italy)

Brand: Vodafone

Off Road, In House

Agency: Mood (Peru)

Brand: Jeep

On the Road for Everyone

Agency: SoWhat (Brazil)

Brand: Volvo


Agency: Serviceplan (Germany)

Brand: Penny


Agency: Publicis (Italy)

Brand: Heineken

Whatever Gets You Talking

Agency: Droga5 (United States)

Brand: Ad Council

Courage Is Beautiful

Agency: Ogilvy (Canada)

Brand: Dove

Stay Home of the Whopper

Agency: FCB (United States)

Brand: Burger King

Christmas in July

Agency: David (United States and Brazil)

Brand: Burger King

The show must go on

Agency: Lucky Generals (United Kingdom)

Brand: Amazon

Budweiser Bigger Picture

Agency: David (United States)

Brand: Budweiser


Agency: AlmapBBDO (Brazil)

Brand: Doritos

Raio de sol

Agency: AlmapBBDO (Brazil)

Brand: WhatsApp

Lockdown Whopper

Agency: David (Brazil)

Brand: Burger King

Go Inside

Agency: Talent Marcel (Brazil)

Brand: Go Outside

Victoria 1.8

Agency: Ogilvy (Mexico)

Brand: Cerveza Victoria