Hide & Seek

Agency: 750 MPH (United Kingdom)

Brand: Refuge


Agency: BBDO (United States)

Brand: Snickers

Santa Girl

Agency: BBDO (United States)

Brand: Macy's

Silence the critics

Agency: Mother (United Kingdom)

Brand: Ikea

Free to be

Agency: Mother (United Kingdom)

Brand: Zalando

Father Christmas

Agency: BETC (France)

Brand: Bouygues Telecom

Greatest Athletes

Agency: Atomic London (United Kingdom)

Brand: Royal Opera House

Glasses of Drought

Agency: Havas (Turkey)

Brand: Finish Quantum


Agency: PrettyBird Culver City (United States)

Brand: Blacksmith

Forty Percent

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness (United States)

Brand: Out Not Down

Fanta Twisted Carnival

Agency: Factory (United Kingdom)

Brand: Fanta

Elk Country

Agency: Arnold Worldwide (United States)

Brand: Progressive Insurance

Dr. Internet

Agency: Gigil (Philippines)

Brand: KonsultaMD

Don’t Judge Me

Agency: Eardrum (Australia)

Brand: LIA

Dear Brother

Agency: Rafineri (Turkey)

Brand: Lösev

Argos The book of Dreams

Agency: The&Partnership (United Kingdom)

Brand: Argos

Amazon All Together

Agency: Lucky Generals (United Kingdom)

Brand: Amazon

Aldi Christmas

Agency: McCANN (United Kingdom)

Brand: Aldi


Agency: MAYD (Germany)

Brand: NIVEA

Commitment to Harmony

Agency: Publicis LifeBrands (United Kingdom)

Brand: Tremfya


Agency: Boys + Girls (Ireland)

Brand: Jose Cuervo

Budweiser ReCup Arena

Agency: BOOTLEG (Russia)

Brand: Ab-InBev

Bixby Voice Forever

Agency: Cheil (South Korea)

Brand: Samsung

Motel 6

Agency: The Richards Group (United States)

Brand: Motel 6


Agency: FINCH (Australia)

Brand: FINCH